Behind the Lens

While we all see through our own lenses Marshall has always seen through the lens of a camera. He grew up surfing the beaches of Southern California. Then he picked up a liberal arts degree from UC San Diego studying composition and esthetics, plotting film curves and applying color theories. Ultimately guiding him to be a master of visual semiotics, the way visual images communicate.

From simple tabletop to complex large-scale productions, he earned his chops shooting award-winning commercial work for some amazing creatives in the agency model. The fruits of his labor demonstrate his ability to finesse imagery with use of intuitive lighting and the camera as an extension of his eye.

Moving on to become a cinematographer was a natural progression. He relishes exploring story arcs to build and enrich the main story and then sharing with others. And, when a shoot day is running long in difficult lighting situations all his experience is brought to bear. He carefully maintains his work as an expression of his passion for high-quality and meticulous detail. All the while staying on story.

He also teams with his wife at a small creative boutique ‘We are Harrington’ creating visual content for a media hungry world. Clients come to them for their deep and distinct thinking outside the box as well as their bountiful ideas. They like to think the strength of their relationship extends to their clients and enriches the outcomes.