Where is the soul of an instrument?

Taylor Guitars


Where is the soul of an instrument?

Taylor Guitars is known for their innovation and craftsmanship. But their artists are the soul of their brand. Our challenge was to create portraits of their artists that showed the richness of their personalities and help their souls shine.


So, instead of scouting locations, we took the artists along for the ride scouting their favorite haunts. The location scout became the shoot, and the personal time we spent with each artist created a familiarity that did more than we could’ve ever imagined.


Try shooting someone in a sewer drain on a Turkish rug. Or sneaking onto train tracks through a hole in a chain linked fence. Then getting caught. And running like hell to get out of there. Fishing for freshwater bass in a lake on a rainy day. An old vinyl record store. And of course, taco shops and bars. Lots of them.
And on a side note, the ‘up close and personal’ concerts were the best.